first day of vacation

ok, so, some of you already know this, but i went to europe yesterday with my parents and brother for 9 days. and this is the blog ill be creating every day with information. and, as promised, here is the first blog post.


We arrived in Vienna, Austria at 8:35 AM, which to us felt like 2:35 AM due to the time change, I got some pretty good sleep on the plane (8 hours and 35 minutes, pretty long flight). then we got a taxi to the train station, got tiickets on a train to prague. the first train was an hour and 30 minutes, then the next train was 3 hours. we slept the whole 3 hour train ride because by that time, it was 6:30 AM back at home. we got into prague (czech republic) at 3:30, took a metro to a own square and walked to our hotel, got changed, looked more awake, then went to a nice cafe with my sister (the reason we are on this kickass vacation). we got snacks and alcohol, and then walked to a restaraunt that me, my parents and sister ate at 2 summers ago. food was AMAZING!!! i had viener schnitzel, and i was happy, and same for the rest of the family. then we got back to the hotel and now getting to sleep. more updates tomorrow!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “first day of vacation

  1. Reils, looking forward to seeing these posts! First one looks good. Try not to get your viener schnitzeled.

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