day Three started with a surprise: noon. Big surprise. Apparently we are still jet lagged. But we did get going finally, and went to lunch in Old Town, at a Cuban restaurant. Sat upstairs overlooking the bar. If Dad’s chair slips back five inches, he lands on the waitress below. Not a good scene. Amazingly, Brigid finds us, even without the name of the restaurant. Then off to the fifteenth century Jewish cementary and holocaust memorial. 80,000 massacred in WWII In Prague. Wow. All the names on the walls of the church. After that, up the clock tower on the main square with thirteenth century astronomical clock and great view of the courtyard below where two years ago we watched the europeans watch the world cup on big screen tvs. Then Brigid went to class while we sat in a bar on the square and had coffee and coke and mulled wine and wine and beer and just sat and talked and had a fine time until time for the restaurant with Live Gypsy Music!! Then to the Czech beer museum, which really means bar with lots of beers, where Brigids friend met us so that we could leave and Ben and Brigid and her friend could go on their merry way. We got a litte lost getting home, but made it before anyone had an accident. Which was a little touch and go there for the last quarter mile!! But we made it home and are hoping Ben can do the same!!


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  1. So it sounds like your dad is still trying to fall on every good-looking waitress he sees. Take care of him. He requires constant supervision!

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