Day 5: Budapest, here we come!!!

The trip to Budapest started with an overnight train ride, my first overnight train ride of my entire life. I liked it a lot, but a bigger compartment (or a compartment just for my brother, and a compartment just for my parents) would have been better, since mom and dad snore a lot and Ben just smells. But it was still a pretty interesting way to travel, and as my mom put it, it felt a whole lot like prison..dont ask me how that makes sense. We finally arrived to the train station at 8:35 AM, and were trying to decide whether to find our way to the hotel by walking or by taking 2 taxis. A taxi driver convinced us that 2 taxis would be better, so we did. We got to our big, fancy hotel, and got breakfast, and got ourselves situated and cleaned up. by 1 PM, we were on our way to the fanicular, and we saw the budapest castle! We even got talked into getting a private tour guide. By the middle of the tour, he had us breaking all kinds of laws that Americans should not be doing at a European castle (or atleast we thought it was illegal…but hey, maybe the tourists are allowed to climb on the statues and get pictures taken!!). It was an awesome tour, followed by a walk to a nice church. It happened to be closed for the week, but we were still able to soak in the beautiful view of the entire city from a castle, After that, we headed back to the hotel, sat at the bar, ordered drinks and then went out to dinner. All in all, a pretty good first day in Budapest, and more adventures tomorrow!!!


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