Day 6

Today started off easily for some, but more tough for others (if you know what i mean). Dad came in and woke me, ben and brigid up at around 9:30 AM. Ben’s reaction was “nrbgikhkhew lights off, lights off. not cool, thats just not cool, whats that about? the thing with the lights being on, what the hell, turn that shit off…” late night partying perhaps? Anyway, once we all got out of the room (an hour a and half later…) we ate breakfast at a cafe, where i caught a quick nap once i finished my food. Then off to St Stephens Cathedral, where we saw St Stephens right hand. That was probably both sick and totally AWESOME at the same time 🙂 next, we went to the Budapest opera house, which wasnt giving tours until 3 and 4 PM. Dad really wanted to see it, but we had other plans for later in the day. If we had just one more day in Budapest, we would have definitely gotten there. Ah well, theres always the next vacation, right? Then we got lunch, and the off to the budapest baths! It’s located inside of the Gellert Hotel. It’s basically 3 or 4 big heated pools for men and a section of the same for the women, and then heated saunas (one sauna room being 50-60, the other room being 60-70 and the next room being 70-80). Ben stepped into the 60-70 degree sauna and stepped right back out after one second. After that, we got back to the hotel, got all cleaned up and went out to dinner (one of the BEST restaurants we’ve been to on this whole vacation, which isnt saiyng much because we have found ourselves some pretty kickass places for food). We stayed out until 11:30, walked to the metro, probably broke the Hungarian law jaywalking, and almost missed the train because Mom and Dad were slow as shitttt buying the 24 hour metro ticket. The metro went one stop away and let us out, and 1 other person too. We then figured out that we had gone the wrong direction, so we went up the stairs, out and into another metro station only to find that it had just shut down for the evening…oops! So, we were stuck in a part of town that we did not even know, and it looked pretty sketchy. But thankfully, Ben knew enough German to let this random hungarian dude know that we needed a taxi back to our hotel. The dude called a taxi place, and the taxi picked us up 10 minutes later. I mean, we had to have Ben lay across me, Brigid and Mom on the way back to the hotel, but atleast we got back safely. Probably the only travel mishap we’ve had if i dont count the first day where we almost missed the train to prague. train stations fault by the way.


Budapest was lovely, off to Vienna Austria on day 7!


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