Day 7: on to Vienna

The day started off surpisingly better than yesterday. We all got up on time, checked out of the hotel by 11, ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Then off to the train station. We walked there, and we were there with an hour to spare. And good thing we got there with that much time too, because my dad says it was difficult, thanks to the ruthless Communist-like efficiency of the Hungarian clerical bureaucracy. Its true actually, cause Wednesday afternoon, we were trying to buy a 48 hour metro ticket, which the metro lady (or man, as the local hungarian chick referred to) was unpleased about. I mean god forbid she has to actually do her job… anyway, we got on to the train with ten minutes to spare. Got to the St Stehpansplatz hotel at 5, and then we headed over to the apartment of our old austrain au pair Sandra from 1996. She had a big dinner party for us americans! her brother Thomas, their parents, Thomas’s wife and their little baby daughter hanna, Thomas’s friend, and Sandra’s friends Peter and Petra (whom my sister worked for as an au pair 2 summers ago) and their 1 year old daughter, they were all there too, so we got to enjoy some great meat with them. Europeans definitely know how to throw a kickass party, thats for sure!!! tomorrow (or today, as the case may be), last day of vacation. Last blog post later tonight!!!


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