Day 8

Today started off well for some of us, but difficult for others (not going to name names here…).  Ir was a BEAUTIFUL day here in Vienna, Austria, about 50 degrees. Brigid stayed at Sandras (our au pair from 1996) house last night, so she rode with Sandra, Ralf the BF and Sandras dog Niko, to our hotel to meet me, Ben, Mom and Dad for breakfast at 9:45. We walked to the market and had some pretty tasty breakfast. Then, sandra and Ralf had to be somewhere for the afternoon, and Brigids friend Sam had just gotten in from Boston for her spring break trip. Mom, Ben, Brigid, Dad and Sam all went out for the afternoon while I slept in the hotel. Later, I walked around the main square and found a book store i went into 2 summers ago. Then I got pizza, then chilled at the hotel with Ben, Brigid and Sam until dinner time. Tonight we all met Sandra and Ralf at this AMAZING restaurant on the water, and it was fantastic. After that, we went to a wine bar until midnight. The day was amazing, we got to shop, and the weather could not have been more beautiful.

And thus ends this wonderful 9 day vacation in Europe! Spent 4 days in Prague (Czech Republic), took an overnight train to Budapest (Hungary) where we stayed for 2 days, then made our way back to Vienna (Austria). Got to  see Brigid and Ben, and got to miss a week of school 🙂 The whole week was just amazing. Thanks to all that followed my blog, you’re the reason why I decided to make this to update everyone on what happens on the vacation. Feedback and comments were definitely highly appreciated 🙂


back to America tomorrow.


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